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     We are committed to finding ways for everyone in our church to connect with people who need to know there is life and hope in Jesus Christ. We have to be accessible in our local community. We are committed to developing resources and use the abilities God has given us for the benefit of people outside the church.

   We are committed to understanding and being where those in need can be found, rather than waiting for them to show up in our world. We are committed to loving and serving people as they are, not how we want or think they should be. People have many different needs from spiritual, physical, emotional, or other unknowns. God commands us to love people as He does--completely.

    We are committed to use any resources that will give us the knowledge to deal with Gods callings even if that calling might lead us to the tough places because no one else is there serving in the name of Christ. We want to invest in the lives of people with the hope of guiding them to salvation through Jesus Christ alone.

    We want to partner with the people in our community and through loving acts of service and compassion. We want to BE good news in the lives of people as we SHARE the good news. We strive to live the Gospel as well as speak it.

  • Food Pantry    

  • Counseling

  • Prayer

  • Visitation


We offer many different services to those in need.

Contact us by phone or email if you need help in any of these areas.

Community Activities include but not limited to- Fall Festivals, Movie nights, open gyms, etc. Click here for upcoming activities.

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